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Hey all you cool cats and kittens!  Welcome to the Giddy Up Glamour blog!  I've had dreams about being a blogger one day, but my efforts never came to fruition.  But here we are, social distancing and quarantining and watching Tiger King on Netflix and now making a blog for Giddy Up Glamour.  I think all the sequins and accessories that Joe Exotic wore in his documentary on Netflix has my creative juices flowing. . . . or maybe it just has me wanting to share some styling tips! 

We have done a ton of brainstorming ideas of things we can show you during this quarantine, but we want to know - what do YOU want to see?  Healthy recipes? Maybe just cooking good stuff in general?  Easy exercises? Yoga class? Make up tips?  Giveaways?  Ted talks?  Styling tips?  TV and movie reviews?  TikTok challenges?  How to videos?  Terrible dance parties?  Animals and wildlife I see?  Something you want to know more about any of us at Giddy Up?  Tell us in the comments what you're dying to see us learn, do, watch, review, giveaway and more! 

I luckily got experience social distancing at it's finest this weekend - we headed to Seth's employers ranch to design working cow pens and fence lines for our retired show heifers.  We were on a 2,500 acre ranch where we also got to go riding on ATV's and I got to pull in my first catfish line!  (Alexa, play Alan Jackson's song She Gone Country)  There is also an Eagle's nest on the ranch that I got to view (really dang cool, hope to get some pictures soon) and speaking of views - South Texas sunsets are hard to beat! 

Beautiful South Texas Sunset in McFadden, TX on Coastal Bend Ranch

And, while I was there, I even did some try on's of new markdowns to post in our Giddy Up Glamour Outlet Page!  Be sure you're a member on there so you don't miss the great deals!

super cute boutique sale items

We hope that each and every one of you are staying safe and healthy during this Covid-19 breakout.  While we are on quarantine, we are here to keep you entertained as always - be sure that you are a member of our VIP Group on Facebook and follow us on TikTok too keep up with all the crazy things we do! 

Can't wait to hear all of your suggestions on what you want to see from us peeps at Giddy Up Glamour!  See all you chicks soon! 


Abby has been wearing those eyelashes. I’ve purchased magnetic lashes in the past but can’t get them to work.
Will Abby and Mallory and NAncy do a LIVE on how to apply the pretty fake eyelashes??
Inquiring minds in Kingwood wanna know.

Cindy Howlett June 26, 2020

I love that y’all are starting a blog up! I look forward to reading it in the future and getting all the great tips, and behind the scenes adventures! :D

As far as what I want to see, anything and everything – I love try on’s, I love live shows, and Winner Wednesday! I think Bingo has turned out awesome too! Everything has been a great distraction from what craziness is happening in the world right now.

Brittany Austin April 10, 2020

I love the ideas of healthy recipes, styling tips and giveaways(although who doesn’t like giveaways 😉). The dance parties would be fun too!

Holly Kanter Smith April 03, 2020

I always enjoy watching the lives. You girls all have so much fun and Gary is a hoot. It’s always fun, educational on apparel and inspirational with positive attitudes and care of family. I recommend GUG to everyone I know. I feel I’m part of your family, my husband even knows your names!! Lol

Christina Barrett April 02, 2020

I watch all of your lives and love them! I think all of the ideas you listed sound great! I’m really, really missing going to my classes at the gym so any kind of workout stuff would be at the top of my list! I love the other ideas too! Excited to see what y’all come up with! Thank you so much for all you do!

Leigh Ann Reel April 02, 2020

All of these sound great! As always, I’ll be watching all the videos! I’d be most excited to see a make-up or styling video.

Cheyenne Woodward April 02, 2020

Styling tips
Easy exercise tips
Miss y’all hope y’all are staying well.
Looking forward to your blog.

Sharla Butler April 02, 2020

I can’t wait to see what fun things you all will do during this time! I think everything listed would be awesome!

Amy Henson April 02, 2020

This is gonna be great!

Cathy Phillips April 02, 2020

Love it! This is great!
Makeup tips
Styling tips
Easy exercises
Yoga classes
And of course giveaways duh!! 😊❤️

Tina Darity April 02, 2020

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