Judy Blue

Last Chance Size 1 | Judy Blue | Mountain Morning Thermal Denim Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash

$ 24 $ 64.95

Be prepared for a cool mountain morning with these new thermal skinny jeans! The thermal lining make these the perfect cool weather piece. These jeans include 5 pockets, a mid rise fit, zipper and button closure, a 28 inch inseam, and a thermal lining on the inside of the jeans. Cuff these jeans, add booties and a cozy sweater and you'll be set! Lily is 5'3" wearing a size 3/26. Abby is 5'2" wearing a size 15/32.

Suggested Sizing Advice:

If you are new to odd number sizes, use your known even size, and subtract                EX: I am a size 4. For odd sizing, I will be the size 3.                                                   

NOTE: This is not sizing down; this is your true odd size.

For Regular and Plus sizes: Due to the stretch in these jeans, in order to achieve a more form fitting fit, you may size down 1 size if preferred.                                                          EX: I am a size 4. For odd sizing, I will be the size 3. Since I want a more form fitting fit, I will purchase the size 1.

Size Measurements: 

1/25: 25 inches around the waist

3/26: 26 inches around the waist 

5/27:  27 inches around the waist

7/28:  28 inches around the waist

9/29:  29 inches around the waist

11/30:  30 inches around the waist

13/31:  31 inches around the waist

15/32:  32 inches around the waist

16W: 36 inches around the waist

18W: 38 inches around the waist

20W: 40 inches around the waist

22W: 42 inches around the waist 

24W: 44 inches around the waist 

Fabric Content: 58% Cotton 29% Polyester 10% Acrylic 3% Spandex

Care Instructions: Machine wash, cold.  Do not bleach.  Tumble dry, low.  Cool iron. 

SKU: #201038



We process orders on a first come, first serve basis.  Processing time depends on what you order, if the item is in stock or a custom item and our workload at the time you order.  If you are working on a certain time schedule, you may want to contact the online office and inquire as to how long processing is taking.  It is best to email the office at giddyupglamour4u@aol.com



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Yes, our shipping department emails each customer when their package leaves our warehouse.  It is very important to make sure you type in the correct email address on your order so that our shipping notice and tracking information reaches you.


Unfortunately this happens.  Not very often but it happens.

First, let's break down shipping.  We collect shipping on your behalf.  That money goes to the shipping company, not in our pocket.  Once a package is handed over to the post office, UPS or Fedex, it becomes a contract between you and the shipping company.  We just act on your behalf.  

With that said, we are here to assist in any way possible from any forms we need to complete or people we need to contact.  There's multiple types of lost packages though.  There's the type that the shipper actually acknowledges they lost and the claim is fairly simple.  Then there's the type where the shipper scanned the package as delivered yet the customer says they didn't get the package.  For that type, please read on.

If the U.S. Postal Service reports that they have delivered your package but you have not received it, you need to contact your local post office with your tracking number.  Many times your postal carrier has put the package by a door you don't normally use or possibly at a neighbors house.  Occasionally they may also hold the package at your local post office for you to pick up.  They now have GPS locators on packages so they can see where the package was left.  This is not information we have access to....you will need to speak to them personally.  Additionally if you still have not received the package after contacting your post office, you may file a claim with the U. S. Post Office for reimbursement direct to you.  The claim form is accessed here:  http://www.usps.com/forms/_pdf/ps1000.pdf.  Simply fill out the claim form and attach a copy of your orginal receipt from Giddy Up Glamour.  After the post office reimburses you, you can then re-order if you wish.


All online orders are placed with the online warehouse.  The merchandise is not pulled from the boutique but rather the online warehouse.  Once the order is placed we put it in line for processing along with all the other online orders, again could be 2-5 days.  Once processed we send it to the chosen boutique.  When it arrives there,  the boutique girls will call you using the number you put on the order and let you know the package is ready for pickup.  This can sometimes take 2-5 days depending on order backlog when you place your order.


Yes, every day!  We are happy to ship to other countries and International Shipping is an option for you when you checkout.  Again we use U.S. Post Office Priority Mail for international orders.   These packages may take 2-3 weeks to go through customs and arrive at your address.  Giddy Up Glamour assumes nor covers any costs associated with customs fees.


Yes, gladly and we use the USPS Priority Mail.


We prefer to use the good ‘ole post office on 99.9% of our orders but occasionally we use FedEx on over-sized packages or extremely heavy packages and overnight requests.  Please be sure to let us know if you have a different address for FedEx.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING:  The post office has flat rate Priority Mail boxes that start at $8.95 that most single item orders will fit into very easily which includes delivery confirmation. Adding additional items usually only adds $1 or so per item. Several apparel items stacked together in a padded envelope can ship for $10-$12. This just gives you an idea of how we charge out shipping. We spend a great deal of time to make sure we get your package shipped the quickest possible way for the least amount of money.  We use and pay for delivery confirmation on every package that leaves here.  Delivery confirmation is NOT insurance.  Insurance will cover your package if it arrives damaged or the post office loses the package.  Once the package leaves here and is scanned by the post office, we no longer assume any responsibility.  At that point it becomes the responsibility of the post office.  The Delivery Confirmation method is very effective however over the years there have been a couple of packages that the post office has misplaced or have arrived looking as though they were ru over by a truck.  Insurance is offered on the check out page. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  We are happy to ship internationally and you will see that choice upon checkout.  Again we use the post office and Priority Mail.


A recap of shipping options:

 Priority Mail:  Standard post office shipping, usually 2-3 working days from the time we process your order.  Please remember it can take up to 4 business days to get to your order, then the Priority Mail is the actual shipping time.  We email every customer when their package leaves the warehouse.

 Express Mail:  A guaranteed 2 day receipt through the US Postal Service; Customers that choose Express Mail move to the front of the line for immediate processing.  We must receive these orders by noon to get them out in the very same day.  If you order items that must be made, the package will not ship the same day.

 Overnight:  We use FedEx on Overnight orders; Customers that choose Overnight shipping move to the front of the line for immediate shipping.  We must receive these orders by noon to get them out in the very same day.  If you order items that must be made, the package will not ship the same day.

 Delivery Confirmation:  Giddy Up Glamour pays for and includes Delivery Confirmation on every package that leaves here.  It is very effective in keeping the post office accountable for your package.  We email you when your package leaves with the Delivery Confirmation number and then you can watch the progress on the usps.com website.  This is not insurance!  This just ensures that there is a scannable label on your package to track it.  It does not insure that the post office gets it to you in perfect condition. 

 Insurance:  You have the option to add on insurance based on the value of your package.  Most of the time (99.9%) the delivery confirmation that we buy for each package is sufficient however please understand that once the package leaves our hands and the post office takes possession, we no longer assume any liability for your package.  It then is between you and the post office.  If your package arrives crushed, opened, wet or is stolen from your box but you have not purchased insurance, you most likely will have no recourse for replacement from the post office.  This is not intended to scare you into buying insurance but to educate you on the difference between Delivery Confirmation versus Insurance.  Again, most every package arrives safely with the Delivery Confirmation we provide for you.



Giddy Up Glamour

41 Akridge Drive

Huntsville, TX  77320

NOTE:  Please insure and use tracking on your return packages to keep the post office accountable.  You are responsible for the items until it reaches our warehouse.  If they loose it in transit back to us we assume no responsibility for the lost package.



Visit our boutique at 170 I-45 in Huntsville, Texas.

Huntsville Boutique phone 936-662-4548.

 In Aggieland, visit us at 900 Harvey, Suite 1 in the Post Oak Village just down from the mall.  We are open seven days a week in the College Station location.

Visit us in Nacogdoches at 113 North Street on the main "drag."  We are open Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm.  We are closed in Nacogdoches on Sunday.


Warehouse/Shipping/Online Questions - please email us at giddyupglamour4u@aol.com

NOTE:  Shipping and order inquiries are best answered and in the quickest way by emailing us at giddyupglamour4u@aol.com




First we genuinely thank you for choosing to shop with Giddy Up Glamour. We work very hard to offer you the best value for your dollar, keep prices reasonable as we can and ship in a timely manner. We truly appreciate each and every customer and order. It is our goal for you to have a pleasurable shopping experience and great customer service so that you are a repeat customer and recommend us to your friends.

We encourage you to ask questions especially about sizing on clothes and lengths on necklaces so that when your order arrives it is exactly as you expected. The very best way to contact us is via email at giddyupglamour4u@aol.com. We require everything in writing to prevent any misunderstandings on sizing, pricing, etc.  While we'd love to visit on the phone,  it is hard to catch us by a phone as we spend most of our days checking in, tagging, distributing, meetings with vendors, packaging orders, answering emails, filling and shipping orders, etc. etc. thus we are left with very little time to answer phone calls not to mention that we cannot take orders over the phone because of previous mentioned reasons.

In the case that you need to exchange an item, our policy follows.

Thanks again for your business!  We sincerely appreciate every order.

Make it a GLAMOUROUS Day!

Nancy Christian, owner

Giddy Up Glamour



We happily accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover and Paypal.   If you are using a gift card issued by Mastercard or Visa please be sure it is a registered gift card.  Our processing company requires that your zip code match with the card or they will decline the charge.  The easiest way to do this is look on the back of the gift card and call the Customer Service number listed and tell them you want to register the card back to your address.  This can save you (and us) a lot of time when we process your order.  When cards are declined, you lose your place in line that you have waited for and that in turn adds time to you getting your package. 


I'm sure you've seen payment plans such as Sezzle and After Pay plus there's many more.  These are finance companies.  They are free for you to use.  We do pay a fee on every order that uses these but for the customer there is no fee.  When you choose to use these, you are agreeing to their rules.  We have absolutely nothing to do with these services nor can we see your account.  



We can possibly change sizes, colors, styles or convert to a credit code for a future order IF we catch it in time.  This is a big IF and not a promise.   We do not offer cancellations or refunds.  



Many times we look back through emails to remind ourselves of a request or situation from a customer.   If this information is taken down over the phone it may not get to the correct person and we also take the chance of it getting written down incorrectly.  Keeping it all in one central place (email box) lets everyone here reference back to any information we need.



We appreciate this and have considered it many times.  But at the same time the website works best because it automatically pulls the item(s) from inventory plus you type your own information such as address, sizes, etc.  That cuts out the possibility of our staff writing an order incorrectly.   Ordering online also establishes your place in line for processing and we keep everyone in line.  The only way to “cut in line” is by choosing expedited shipping such as Express or Overnight.  Those orders do move to the front of the line and typically go out the same day they are placed.



It is important to inspect your garments when they arrive and BEFORE ANY TAGS ARE REMOVED.  Be sure and try your items on BEFORE ANY TAGS ARE REMOVED.  There is a time limit to get items back to us plus once the tags are removed for any reason, we cannot accept the items back.



 Please carefully choose your sizing on SALE items because they are a FINAL SALE.  We do not offer size exchanges and we do not offer store credit on SALE items - final means final.   The reason for this is because we do not add on the higher margin that many boutiques use in pricing items.  We just add enough to cover handling the product once plus payroll, light bill, etc and leaves a very small portion of profit.  We rather work on a volume profit than per item.  So when you see an item on sale, we have cut out all margin or profit leaving no room to handle it again.   However the plus side of this for you is that you get a great deal but please choose carefully and please do not ask for exceptions to be made in this policy.



We encourage you to ask questions especially about sizing on clothes and lengths of necklaces so that when your order arrives it is exactly as you wanted. However, in the case that you need to exchange a regular priced item, we offer merchandise exchange as outlined below for exchange or store credit only, no refunds. Items should be returned unworn, unwashed and undamaged, no makeup stains, no tobacco odor and all tags should still be intact. Jewelry for exchange must arrive back exactly as it was sent from the warehouse.  Boots and shoes that arrived wrapped must be returned wrapped with no tape, labels or writing on the box itself.  It is highly suggested that you utilize the post office's service of delivery confirmation and insurance as well if you wish.  It is your responsibility to get the items back to us and remember the post office as well as any shipping company is not error free so please use tracking and/or insurance.  If you have fragile items, you will want to consider insurance as well.  It is your responsibility to get exchange items back to us in new condition.  Upon inspection and verification of time frame, we will issue a store credit that you can use at any time.  Please do not return items that the tags have been removed from.  Please include a copy of your invoice showing the purchase.  All sales are final on sale items.  Please do not send back any sale items. 

 The item must be RECEIVED at the address below within 10 CALENDAR days of the confirmed date of delivery as provided by the Delivery Confirmation receipt. We strongly recommend you also use Delivery Confirmation when returning the item(s) for your proof of shipping.  Once we get your package back we will process and then issue an online credit voucher and email you the code.  You will then use this code to reorder the item(s) you want.  That generates you a new order, applies your credit and gets you in line for processing and shipping all in one step.



Again, inspect your items immediately upon arrival and be sure to leave all the tags attached.  Email us at giddyupglamour4u@aol.com and describe the mistake as you see it.  Sometimes we may request a photo of the item but we will let you know.   In the case that we are at fault, we will assume the shipping fees but again the item needs to be returned according to the time lines, tags attached and with a copy of your invoice.  



*Tags must remain attached unless you know for sure you are keeping the item

*Items need to be promptly inspected as we have a ten (10) day window to get them sent back except during special holiday extension.

*We do not allow exchanges or credits on SALE items – they are final

*Please use tracking on your package and consider insurance if needed.  If the post office looses your package we cannot issue a credit when we don’t get the merchandise back



Giddy Up Glamour

41 Akridge Drive

Huntsville, TX  77320


NOTE:  Please insure and use tracking on your return packages to keep the post office accountable.  You are responsible for the items until it reaches our warehouse.  If they loose it in transit back to us we assume no responsibility for the lost package.



COLLEGE STATION, TX - 900 Harvey Rd in Post Oak Village just down from the mall, 979-229-2179

HUNTSVILLE, TX - 170 I-45 South, between Ward Furniture and Days Inn, 936-662-4548

NACOGDOCHES, TX - 113 North St. - downtown historic Nacogdoches, (936) 581-7239


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