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Last Chance Size 5 | Judy Blue | Won't Forget Her Super Flare Raw Hem Jeans in Maroon

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It's a fact, you don't have to worry about anyone forgetting you in these amazing bell bottom jeans!  These jeans features a button and fly zipper, traditional five pockets and a raw hem at bottom of flare.  36 inch inseam.  Emery is wearing size 5.

Suggested Sizing Advice:

If you are new to odd number sizes, use your known even size, and subtract                EX: I am a size 4. For odd sizing, I will be the size 3.                                                   

NOTE: This is not sizing down; this is your true odd size.

For Regular and Plus sizes: Due to the stretch in these jeans, in order to achieve a more form fitting fit, you may size down 1 size if preferred.                                                          EX: I am a size 4. For odd sizing, I will be the size 3. Since I want a more form fitting fit, I will purchase the size 1.

Size Suggestions: 

1/25: 25 inches around the waist 

3/26: 26 inches around the waist

5/27: 27 inches around the waist

7/28: 28 inches around the waist

9/29: 29 inches around the waist

11/30: 30 inches around the waist

13/31: 31 inches around the waist 

Fabric Content: 76% Cotton 17% Rayon 5% Polyester 2% Spandex

Care Instructions: Hand wash, cold.  Do not bleach.  Lay flat to dry. 

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