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Hey there! Hope you are having a great week. Yesterday I was fortunate to be able to complete 60 years on Earth. I started breaking it down to 720 months and 21900 days. I was reflecting on things that I've seen come and go in my 60 years. Scroll to the bottom and take a look at my list!

If you caught my live show earlier this week, I talked about not tossing this white top to the side just because it's fall. I paired it with a fall scarf and it totally changed the look.
White Shirt with Scarf

Last week I featured several of the City Lifestyle tops in fall solids.
Here's the leopard print of this top that's equally great!
Lifestyle Fall Top
Here's a few other great fall transition tops that I've loved!

If you stayed with me to here, this is my short list so far!

Some things I've seen go.....
Party lines
Green stamps
Encyclopedia salesmen
Full service gas stations (I hear some states have them)
Sears thick catalog
Time/Temp phone number
Hand written letters

Some thigs I've seen come...
Cell phones
Reward points on credit cards
Google (the new encyclopedia)
Pay at the pump (I thought gas stations with no one working was so strange)
Online shopping rather than a paper catalog
Weather Channel App - the new time/temp source
Texts and emails - I guess boys used to break up by handwritten letter? lol.
Grocery delivery
FaceTime (remember Judy Jetson did it first though)

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