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Big Breezy

Crafted to handle the bigger hauls, the Big Breezy Tote carries comfortably with its long woven straps for easy access to all your essentials. Storage is made easy with the hook-clip lanyard, spacious interior, and open pocket.

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Pink metalli tote bag with a stitched pattern. This bag has light tan handles, a light tan tassel, and is a rectangle shape. This tote is pictured in front of pompous grass on a white background.Consuela | Quinn Big Breezy Tote - Giddy Up Glamour Boutique
Centered in the picture is a large tote that has yellow, orange, blue, purple and pink embroidery along the sides. To the right of the tote is a palm leaf on a white background. Consuela | Songbird Big Breezy Tote - Giddy Up Glamour Boutique