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Tool Bag

Our tool bag is ideal for organizing cosmetics, pencils, and art supplies inside a larger tote. It also serves as a versatile day to evening clutch!

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In the middle of the picture is a tool bag in a quilted metallic pink pattern. Bag is on a solid white background with pompas grass to the right of the bag. Consuela | Quinn Tool Bag
Consuela | Quinn Tool Bag Sale price$ 135.00
Consuela | Sally Tool BagConsuela | Sally Tool Bag
Consuela | Sally Tool Bag Sale price$ 175.00
Consuela | Evadney Tool BagConsuela | Evadney Tool Bag
Consuela | Evadney Tool Bag Sale price$ 115.00
Long black bag with a side strap. This bag has a quilted design. this bag is pictured on a white background with tan and brown pompous grass on the right side. Consuela | Inked Tool Bag
Consuela | Inked Tool Bag Sale price$ 125.00
Consuela | Diego Tool BagConsuela | Diego Tool Bag
Consuela | Diego Tool Bag Sale price$ 175.00
Centered is a small tool bag in a rainbow cheetah pattern. This bag is placed on pompas grass with a white background. Consuela | Iris Tool Bag
Consuela | Iris Tool Bag Sale price$ 175.00
Consuela | Rosita Tool BagConsuela | Rosita Tool Bag
Consuela | Rosita Tool Bag Sale price$ 115.00
In the middle of the picture is a tool bag in a gray metallic color. The background is solid white with pompas grass lying to the right of the bag. Consuela | Kyle Tool Bag
Consuela | Kyle Tool Bag Sale price$ 125.00

Fancy's Foundation - An Initiative to Empower the Young Women of our Future

Fancy's Foundation has been many years in the works and it is finally official as non-profit. Fancy's Foundation goal is to build esteem, education and goals in young women. We want to provide a compassionate initiative dedicated to supplying clothing and necessities to underserved young girls to ensure they have access to essentials for their well being and self-esteem. By serving these young women and boosting their esteem we hope to help them achieve a better education and set life long goals. Each and every dollar donated goes direct to the foundation efforts. What do we do? We work hand in hand with our school's social services to identify young girls and young women in need of apparel and footwear to boost their dignity, confidence and self esteem. Over and over we hear feedback of the difference an outfit instantly makes in a young girls self confidence. Self Confidence that is so needed to set education and life goals and hopefully movement towards a generation that's not in poverty.

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