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Fancy's Foundation - An Initiative to Empower the Young Women of our Future

Fancy's Foundation has been many years in the works and it is finally official as non-profit. Fancy's Foundation goal is to build esteem, education and goals in young women. We want to provide a compassionate initiative dedicated to supplying clothing and necessities to underserved young girls to ensure they have access to essentials for their well being and self-esteem. By serving these young women and boosting their esteem we hope to help them achieve a better education and set life long goals.

We've personally worked hand in hand with the social services at our local school district for several years to supply clothing and shoes to young girls and women facing challenges in acquiring proper clothing.  There are so many cases that need assistance. By forming this foundation we can now accept donations and sponsorships from others that will assist so that we can branch into other schools as well. Together we can provide quality clothing and essentials to foster a sense of dignity and confidence.

Fancy's Foundation believes in the strength of community.  By supporting our foundation you become a crucial part of a movement and that uplifts and empowers the future generation of young girls.

Your generous contributions directly impact the lives of these young girls, offering them the resources they need to thrive.  Each and every dollar donated goes direct to the foundation efforts. Together we can create a brighter future for every girl.